King Arthur

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  • Published : May 4, 2013
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Adam Marshall
Ms. Main
B2 Mythology
King Arthur
King Arthur, a well-known figure of British history, fought his way through multiple men to win the freedom for his men. King Arthur in the book and in the movie has similar and different traits. Events in the book and the movie are very different from each other, but Arthur has some similar traits.

In the myth, King Arthur shows that he is humble, even towards his enemies. At the beginning of the myth Arthur need a sword to give to Sir Kay. His brother needed the sword because he was in a battle. Arthur couldn’t find a sword so he ran to the stone to pull out the only sword available. He surprisingly pulls out the sword and runs it to his brother. It is said that whoever pulls out the sword is the king chosen by god. People believed that Arthur was the king but he insisted that he wasn’t meant to be king. That is a prime example of Arthur’s humble character. “ ‘Why do you say such a thing?’ Arthur asked. ‘It does not make any sense, and it cannot be true!’ “(“King Arthur” 424). Arthur is being humble when Ector asked him if Arthur is king. Arthur is just a little kid and he himself doesn’t think he is king. When Arthur is going to fight the giant he realizes that he doesn’t have the skill to do it alone. Arthur talks to his foster brother Kay and asks him to accompany him in a journey to kill the giant. Arthur knows he isn’t strong enough to do the job. Arthur’s humble personality is only one of his many awesome traits.
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