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  • Published : March 23, 2010
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“Alfred was not only a great warrior, but more importantly a nation builder”. Explain whether or not this quote is a true assesment of Alfred.

King Alfred the Great was not only a great warrior, but more importantly a nation builder. I think this quote is a true assesment of Alfred and I will explain why in the pages that follow. Alfred was born into a royal family in 849 in Wantage (now in Oxfordshire). Alfred was the fourth child and it was therefore unlikely he would ever be considered as a king for the nation. However, he was able to recite poems about his heritage at the age of four – yet we believe he may not have been able to write until late into his life. Alfred’s dad Ethelfwulf, arranged for Ethelswith to marry King Burger which improved relationships with the Mercians. Wessex was almost completly surrounded by sea but this turned out to be a large problem for Alfred because of the continuous attacks from the Vikings. Alfred seemed to be popular with his younger brothers and sisters’ as well as having many friends. Over the course of his reign (23 April 871 to 26 October 889) he built many strong armies and reformed many things in his kingdom. Alfred was definetely a nation builder, changing and reforming laws and practices of Wessex. He fought many different people, most of which were the Vikings and most importantly, Alfred was an inspiration to many, many people. Alfred led his men in battle and didn’t give up. He made life fairer for all and even made a roster to schedule different people to fight at different times! Life was harsh during Saxon times. They had little protective clothing and little medical knowledge. Many people had only a small amount of education and in general they didn’t know how to write and only knew one language. In Saxon times, the richest people were regarded as the highest in society (it hasn’t changed much) and therefore they were able to afford better armour and an education. Alfred was a nation builder, but should...
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