Kinetics Chemistry Lab

Topics: Chemical reaction, Reaction rate, Chemical engineering Pages: 4 (1144 words) Published: March 24, 2013
Rachel Smith

Design Lab: Kinetics Lab Introduction: ! Background Information- Effervescent tablets reduce stomach acid and help treat upset stomachs. The familiar fizzing you hear when you drop an Alka-Seltzer tablet into a glass of water is the result of a chemical reaction. After dropping the tablet into the water, the reaction causes the solid tablet to become dissolved and releases tiny bubbles of carbon dioxide. This reduces the time it takes for the medicine to work as it does not need to dissolve inside the body. Research Question: How does the surface area affect the rate of the reaction? Varaibles• Independent: Surface Area • Dependent: Rate of Reaction (time) • Controlled: Water temperature, Volume of water, Concentration, Still water, and One tablet. Hypothesis: Increasing the surface area of the tablet will increase the rate of the reaction. Materials• Effervescent Tablets (12) - 4 Per Trial, 3 Trials • 150mL Beaker • 80mL of Water per trial (3 trials) • Mortar and Pestle • Scalpel • 100mL Graduated Cylinder (error + 0.5) • Stopwatch (error + 0.1) • Thermometer Procedure-! 1. Gather all materials needed for experiment. 2. Measure 80mL of water in the 100mL graduated cylinder. 3. Pour the 80mL of water from the 100mL graduated cylinder into the 150mL beaker 4. Let the water sit until it reaches the room temperature, use the thermometer to measure the temperature until it reaches around 26 degrees celsius. 5. Retrieve 4 effervescent tablets (for first trial), prepare tablets: 1)leave it whole, 2) cut the tablet in half using the scalpel, 3) cut the tablet into fourths using the scalpel, and 4) completely grind up the last tablet with the Mortar and Pestle. 6. Place the whole tablet in the 80mL water in the beaker and immediately start the timer. 7. Wait until the tablet is no longer visible and stop the timer; record time in the data table, report any qualitative observations. 8. Pour the solution into the sink 9. Repeat steps 2-4 to prepare the water....
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