Kinds of Situation When Confidentiality Protocols Must Be Breached.

Topics: Martin Amis, Confidentiality, Parent Pages: 3 (1009 words) Published: November 2, 2012
TDA 31-3.3 Justify the kinds of situation when confidentiality protocols must be breached. Adults who work with children and young people will come to know most of the personal information like date of birth, address and contact details and also sensitive information like behavioural issues, some medical information, family background, whether parents are divorcing and so on. It is the responsibility of the adult to keep this information confidential. They must protect the identity of the child they work with and that of their families and carers. They must do everything in their power to protect the privacy of every child and adult. This can be done by keeping their personal information safe and secure. They can pass it on those who have authorised and legitimate reason to have the information only after they have permission from their parents and carers. This involves parents signing a consent form. If parents refuse permission then the school would not able to pass on the information even if it involves a behavioural specialist working with a child who has special needs. There is a legislation to protect this right and there are severe consequences for those who breach it. However there are certain circumstances in which an adult can pass on the information to the relevant authority without permission. If you become aware of information which led you to a genuine suspicion that a child is being abused at home, then it would it be right for the responsible adult to pass on the information. The general rule is that if you believe a child to be at a significant risk of harm then you should pass on personal information to those who would be able to prevent harm. Every setting will have policies and procedures that must be followed in these circumstances. Sometimes private and personal information needs to be shared so that people can access services. In some circumstances disclosure of personal information is required by law. For example, John and rishi are...
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