Kinds of Narratives

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Kinds of Narratives
Kinds of Narratives| Usual Characters| Possible Settings| Typical Elements| Adventures are exciting stories with fast action.| heroes, heroines, villains, explorers, spies, astronauts, scientists, sailors, pirates| a dangerous place, such as a mountain, woods, a jungle, a desert, the ocean, or outer space| * Main character faces an extremely dangerous or difficult situation. * Wit, physical skills, and a will to survive help the main character overcome the problem.| Fables are stories that teach a lesson or moral.| animals that speak and act like humans| may or may not be described; does not effect the plot| * Through the words and actions of the animals, the story shows how foolish or wise people can be. * Often has a lot of dialogue. * One animal usually outwits the other animal.| Fairy tales are stories in which impossible things happen.| kings, queens, princes, princesses, peasants, giants, elves, beings with unusual powers, animals that talk or change to human form| “once upon a time in a land far, far away”| * Main character usually gets help from an object or a being with unusual characters. * Main characters usually live “happily ever after.”| Fantasy stories have characters, settings, and plots that are not found in the real world.| unusual beings or creatures, talking animals, toys or other objects that come alive| an imaginary place in the past, present, or future| * Actions and descriptions may be exaggerated to make them more exciting. * Characters may travel backward or forward in time.| Folktales are stories from different cultures that were passed on by storytellers and much later written down.| ordinary people, talking animals, beings with unusual powers| some time in the past, often in a faraway land| * A lesson about human nature may be told. * Good triumphs over evil. * Kind, honest and sensible characters are rewarded. Selfish, lazy, and greedy characters punished....
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