Kindred Todd Essay

Topics: Ethics, Total quality management, Business ethics Pages: 2 (380 words) Published: August 17, 2012
Kindred Todd Essay
Please answer the questions below relative to the Kindred Todd Application 3.2 (pages 65-66) in your text.  Utilize the information from Chapter 3 of your text, on Professional Values and Professional Ethics, as well as the Appendix of Ethical Guidelines for an Organization Development (OD) Professional (pages 70-73). Points will be awarded for how thoroughly you address the key issues and respond to each of the questions.  In addition, you will receive points for your ability to integrate the course concepts with the real-world situation in this application, and your critical thinking.  The essay is worth 100 points.  It should be typed in 12-point font, double spaced, and no longer than 5 pages. Questions to Address:

* Discuss the case from the standpoint of OD values and ethics.  From the standpoint of OD values, the consulting company was supposed to insist some humanistic values, such as concerns for being helpful, inquiry and science, and improving the client company’s effectiveness and performance. However, Larry Stepchuck, the president of the consulting company, ignored these values. He didn’t care about what exactly his clients need and what kind of intervention would be helpful to them, on the opposite, he just cared about how to ‘please’ his clients and give them what they think they need. Kindred Todd, who was responsible for the whole project, had strong willing to be open, honest and helpful to her client. She tried to know more about the organization, spent two days doing research and studying total quality management and continuous improvement, and sought help from other experienced consultants. Finally, she was able to provide a proper and effective intervention to the client. From the standpoint of OD ethics,

* What were the ethical violations?  Provide examples that illustrate the violations. appendix

* What did Kindred Todd do well?
Kindred Todd, who was responsible for the whole project, had strong...
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