Kindred: Slavery and Rufus

Topics: Slavery, Interpersonal relationship, Slavery in the United States Pages: 2 (706 words) Published: April 24, 2011
In almost anyone’s eyes, family comes first. You would do absolutely anything for them, and in the novel Kindred by Octavia Butler there is no exception. Although the novel concentrates on the previous existence of slavery and the harsh realities of racism, another theme that is not exactly centralized is how far an individual will go in order to protect their loved ones. In this particular novel, there are two major examples on how far a person will go for their family. On one end, you have the slaves protecting their loved ones from being sold, and on the other hand you have the strong bond between the main characters Rufus and Dana. Family can be described in many ways, a close relationship among a group of people through blood or even non-biological friends. Although there are so many differences, the one thing that remains similar between the two groups is the love and trusting relationship you posses. During this time all the slaves had were their family, if they were lucky. Back in this time, many slaves were separated from their loved ones. If anyone were to truly value family, it would be them. In the novel, the Weylin’s use the family bonds to keep the slaves working hard on the plantation. Because the Weylin’s threaten to sell the single family members, the slaves work hard in order to keep their family together. Although the plantation is the source of their torment, they will do anything to stay together. At one point of the novel, Rufus rapes a female slave named Alice. When Dana is returning to the past, she comes face to face with Rufus fighting with Alice’s husband, Isaac (Butler 117). Isaac knows that he must follow the rules of the Weylin’s in order to stay at the plantation with Alice, but because to Rufus’ actions, Isaac is willing to defy the rules. Isaac cares so much for his wife, that he is willing to fight Rufus and almost beat him to death, and because of these actions they are forced to flee in order to remain safe. The entire Fight...
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