Kindred: Male and Dana

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  • Published : October 27, 2010
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Kindred: The Art of Gender and Race
Equality between women and men is one of the fundamental principles of Community law. The European Union’s (EU) objectives on gender equality are to ensure equal opportunities and equal treatment for men and women and to combat any form of discrimination on the grounds of gender (EU Legislation). Females and males have different roles in a society which cause many controversial issues as a person. Gender is not the only issue in a society, but two other main issues are race and class. A person can be stereotyped just by their race by different people without even meeting them. Blacks and whites are stereotyped differently as whites started out as the dominate race starting hundreds of years ago. In Octavia E. Butler’s novel, “Kindred”, the issues of gender and race intersect throughout the story as Kevin and Dana fight to keep their relationship going as they both represent a different gender and race which corrupts many problems in 1815 and also in present day 1976. Kevin and Dana are both living in modern America in 1976. Kevin and Dana are married and just moved in together into their new apartment. One main thing that represents the difference between Kevin and Dana is the fact that Kevin is a white male and Dana is a black female. As Kevin and Dana both experience the time travel back to the 1800’s, they are the only

two people who can relate in the 1800’s because they are originally from 1976. Kevin and Dana are both faced with new experiences as blacks are considered a lower class to all white males and females. As Dana is treated as a slave to the Weylin’s in 1815, Kevin tries his best to get Dana to leave the Weylin household. Dana and Kevin have both noticed that several of the female slaves’ children resemble the Weylin family. The 1800’s and late 1900’s are drastically different as Kevin and Dana both don’t know how to react too many situations in the 1800’s. They rely on each other for support as...
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