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  • Published : December 10, 2012
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If I could change one thing about myself, it would be hard to choose. I feel that I have many things I would like to change about myself, but if I could choose one thing; it would have to be how nice I am. The reason being is because I am way too nice to people that’s when they start to take advantage of me. Also I am too nice sometimes that I can’t control it; I would volunteer to do things from the kindness of my heart without expecting anything in return. It is possible for me to change this characteristic of mine. Many people might like it, but for myself I do not like being the nice, kind, and respectful guy all the time. Living for the past eighteen years has taught me to be nice and to be treated the same, but if you overdo it could end up hurting you. I was raised with nothing more than to respect my elders, and the people around me. I would hold doors open to anyone who walks passed and every time I would say “thank you” or “please.” My good manners have gotten me the respect from others, with some of the people taking advantage of myself. I would like to be nice, and have people do the same to me, but unfortunately that will not always happen. Being the nice guy is sometimes good, but after a while it’ll get you to do things and get used. I’ve been taken advantage of plenty of times. People who know me for a while know that I will do any favors that are asked of me without any hesitation. So when they know that, all people will end up doing is just coming to me when they need something; especially an object like
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