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  • Published : April 17, 2012
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Kindertransport- The Ratcatcher
(Tracking him through the book)

Pipe Music
Pages 1,16,17,21,48,83,88
The pied piper of Hamlyn played his pipe music to lead away first the rats, then the villager’s children and the music is first played in Kindertransport when Eva is reading the ‘Der Rattenfänger’, so from then on the audience can associate the music with the Ratcatcher, and only the music needs playing for the audience to anticipate his arrival. -Mouth Organ

Pages 1,72,88
As well as pipe music being played throughout the play, Eva’s mouth organ is mentioned a few times, it is one of the few things, including the story book, that she takes with her to England and keeps with her into adulthood. Although at the end on page 72, Evelyn picks up the mouth organ and doesn’t seem to recognise it.

Story Book
Pages 1,3,15,21,30,45,50,54,79,87
Linking to the pipe music is the actual story book of the Ratcatcher that appears throughout the play and sometimes read out by the characters from the play. It is the story Eva requests to be read to her by Helga as a bedtime story while she is still in Germany (pg 1) and book she refers to as ‘dreadful’ (pg 79) when talking to Faith about her childhood.

Male Characters
Pages 17,23,52,67
Eva sees the Ratcatcher in all of the male characters in the play; the Nazi Border Official, the English Organiser, the Postman and the Station Guard. They always appear at eventful points in her life; when on board the train to take her to the ferry, when arriving at the English station, when staying with Lil in England and repeatedly visiting the English station to find her parents who were coming from Germany.

Pages 15,48,93
Sometimes only elements of the Ratcatcher are used to indicate his presence, like the pipe music that is played and a shadow of the Ratcatcher that reappears through the play, especially when Eva is either scared or frightened, and also right at the end of the play. The fact that pipe music is...
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