Kindergarten Readiness Skills Promotes Academic Achievement in Language and Literacy Development

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  • Published : November 21, 2012
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W7000_M1_A1_MAYS-TRUITT_L Research Topic11/4/12 Topic: Kindergarten individual readiness skills promotes student success in Language and Literacy

Potential Questions

* Does attending Pre-Kindergarten lead to a greater success rate in Kindergarten?

* Is academics more important than developing the whole child?

* What advantages are achieved by students who attend Pre-Kindergarten compared to those that do not?

* Why do some parents prefer not to allow their child to attend Pre-Kindergarten?

* How does pre-kindergarten lottery selections affect readiness skills?


Success rate
Academic success
Public Pre-Kindergarten
Public Kindergarten
Readiness skills
Parent educational level

Educational Significance

The researcher will use the qualitative methods approach, which would be most beneficial to support the topic. In qualitative research, the numbers and types of approaches have also become more clearly visible during the 1990s and into the 21st century. Books have summarized the various types (such as the 19 strategies identified by Wolcott, 2001), and complete procedures are now available on specific qualitative inquiry approaches. Case studies are a strategy of inquiry in which the researcher explores in depth a program, event, activity, process, or one or more individuals. Cases are bounded by time and activity, and researchers collect detailed information using a variety of data collection procedures over a sustained period of time (Stake, 1995). Background/Need for the Study

Most of the long-term research on the effects of preschool focuses on low-income children. There is very little data on any long-term benefits for middle-class children. A growing number of states have started to fund preschool programs offered at public schools, called pre-kindergarten (or pre-K) programs. Reason for interest in topic...
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