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Topics: English-language films, Reality, Psychology Pages: 2 (699 words) Published: February 5, 2013
This excerpt, The Night Faces Up story, as well as the Star Trek episode I watched for this class all have me very intrigued by the kind of stories they are. I never really gave any thought into alternate realities or vivid dreams but these pieces that we have read for this class have brought forth a new perspective for me. The writers portray a very different world then reality an alternate to what the subject actually lives. In this excerpt she passes out for just a few seconds but in somehow some way she comes back in 15second across the room muddy and wet. Her husband was sitting right there next to her and she disappeared.

This excerpt is like a movie I once saw called “Soul Survivor”. In this movie there are 4 college students who are friends, they go to club “for one last time” before going off to universities. After they leave the club they get into a horrible accident and are sent to the hospital with the people from the other car. In the movie the main character is name Cassie, after the crash she does attend college. Only 3 of the friends survived the car crash her boyfriend died in the wreck and she was devastated. Throughout the movie several weird things happen to her and her friends start to act very weird. In addition to these events she also sees her boyfriend around campus and is very distraught about it because he is supposed to be dead. In the end of the movie she wakes up what seems to be several years later in a panic and her husband which was her boyfriend that “died in the crash” is next to her and asks if she is ok. The whole movie she was in an alternate reality when in actuality her boyfriend and her were the only ones who survived the crash and all her other friends passed on. In her alternate reality her boyfriend was the only one who died in the crash. In the excerpt I think it was very interesting how the author explained how the lady was feeling in the exact moment before she switched realities. In addition to this he explained...
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