Kinder Transport Timeline

Topics: Germany, British Empire, Europe Pages: 2 (426 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Time line of events – 1938 - 1939

• Nov 21- parliamentary debate in The House of Lords. Lord Samuel, a leading British Jew called for more to be done for German Jews. After the debate, the govt announced that “very large numbers” of Jewish children would be allowed into Britain • 1st Dec first Kindertransport train from Germany reaches the Hook of Holland and arrives in Harwich on Dec2 • Dec 8th – Lord Baldwin launches the Lord Mayor of London’s Appeal fund for Jewish refugees • 11th Dec second Kindertransport arrives from Vienna

• 14th Dec the cabinet met and as a result of the British Colonial Office rejecting 10,000 children into Palestine, the British Govt agreed to take that number into Britain • March 4th 1939 - 500 Jews emigrate at night from the port of Danzig to Palestine. During March and April, 4 trains left Danzig for berlin with a total of 124 children. There they joined the Kindertransport to cross the North Sea to Harwich • March 15th Germans occupy Prague. Several hundred German Jewish children and adults reach Harwich form The Hook of Holland • Within days, Eichman arrives to accelerate Jewish emigration. • March 1939 – Children’s section of the British Committee for Refugees doubled their efforts - Trever Chadwick returned to Prague and provided counterfeit papers for those children who did not have proper documents and persuaded the German authorities to allow the children passage to Britain. -Nicholas Winton fronted the Children’s section in London. Together they brought over over 600 children (654) in 8 seperate journeys • April 19th first group leave Prague with 36 children

• In Europe, Holland, france, Belgium, Luxembourg, Sweden, finland, Norway and Denmark contd to accept Jewish Refugees form germany. • By the end of 1939, Britain had become a haven for almost 10% of Jews who had succeeded in escaping form Germany. There were now between 63,000 and 65,000 Jewish refugees in Britain of which 9,354 were children • August 1939 –...
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