Kind of Terms of Logic

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  • Published: August 23, 2013
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Kinds of terms :

Univocal Terms
When a term is being applied to their inferiors in the same exact essence, such term is univocal. Example :
* a drum and a piano are both occurrences or inferiors of the term instrument, making it univocal or having only one meaning, which is an object that produces music. *
Equivocal Terms
When instances are under the same term but of entirely different meaning, the term is equivocal. The term is referred by instances of different meanings. Example :
* A faggot becomes equivocal when applied to the bundle of sticks for firewood and the slang for a gay man. Similarly, the term gay has over the years evolved to adapt a new meaning, that of being homosexual, entirely different from gay as in being merry.

Analogous Terms
Terms become analogous when their inferiors are partly the same but also partly different in their use or essence. The emphasis on the analogy of inferiors, in this case called analogues, depends on the degree of their relation with each other and to the general term. Example :

* The head as in the chief executive officer and the head in a person are both the topmost part of a company and the human body, respectively. They are in some way similar and vital but have no direct resemblance to each other.

Supposition may be taken either as the function whereby a term stands for a meaning in the proposition, or it may be taken for the meaning itself for which the term stands (for from the Latin supponere, “to substitute”). It is this meaning with which we are now concerned. For, whereas a term may have several different meaning in the dictionary, when employed in a sentence it is used to bear one meaning only.

Supposition may be classified:
The supposition is:
Real - when the term designates something found in the external world; E.g. the Republic of the Philippines.

Logical or Conceptual – when the term designates some product of the...
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