Kincaid Essay

Topics: English people, Clothing, United States Pages: 2 (736 words) Published: October 10, 2011
Of equal importance, Kincaid illustrates through specific evidence diction and metaphorical speaking how England has taken over the consumer portion of her country. Kincaid begins by explaining how England’s products were everywhere she looked. She demonstrates this by saying that the felt hat, which was seen extremely unfit for the hot climate had become so important to her father that, “it was the first thing he put on in the morning”, and “the last thing he took off.” Kincaid uses this specific story to indicate how her father had worn his felt hat most of his life, this hat that never sheltered him from the sweltering heat, he wore it because it was from England. It was made in England and was the attire of an Englishmen. She even includes the reason for her father wearing the hat; he must’ve seen a picture of an Englishman wearing it. In her eyes, the picture must have been so, “compelling”, that no matter the situation, he had to have it. By her use of elaborate choice of wording, Kincaid symbolizes how English consumerism had taken over the citizens of Antigua, and her father was no exception. With the mother country’s consumer goods everywhere and in every aspect one had no choice but to succumb and buy England merchandise. Kincaid uses similar tactics to convey her feelings in the following paragraphs. In paragraph 3, Kincaid also mentions that in due time her father’s, “brown felt hat would develop a hole in its crown, the lining would separate from the hat itself”. She illustrates her bitter attitude towards England through this metaphor and that the hole in the hat symbolizes her culture, slowly the hole will get larger and larger and her culture will gradually fade until it fails to be a part of her life any longer. Just like the hole destroys the felt hat, England causes the destruction of her culture. As Kincaid grows up to helplessly watch her people have no other option but to give in to English consumerism and to watch the destruction of her...
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