Kimora Case Analysis

Topics: Customer service, Customer, Need Pages: 4 (1512 words) Published: October 31, 2012
Amanda Caldas-1131 Kimura K.K . 1. What is value for a customer like Kimura KK? Dr. Nomura, Senior R&D advisor from Kimura KK, stated that the decision to purchase the first three Spartacus was made based on the sophistication of their system, the equipment would minimize the learning and start-up curve and it was important the equipment was delivered on time. However, it was later evident that the true value for Kimura KK was the relationship with Pramtex. Kimura KK want to feel important and have solid trust with their suppliers. They need to be ensured they are a priority to Pramtex and rely on their quick response when needed. In the development of the case it is clear Kimura KK was quite satisfied with the special treatment received from other suppliers. It is also obvious they were very disappointed with Pramtex’s unprofessionalism and poor assistance after the breakdown. The value, superior client service, for Kimura KK was not fulfilled which ultimately led to Primatex’s loss of this customer. Who are the key players at Kimura in this purchase? What are their respective roles and interests? The key players at Kimura in this purchase and their respective roles and interests are: Mr. Kimura, President of Kimura KK: the decider. He is ultimately looking for what will benefit his company in the long run by also considering the needs of his employees. He indicated that Pramtex had the best and most technologically advanced equipment in the market. This was attractive to him as it would minimize the learning and start-up curve and his production team can better adapt to new and innovative machines and serve its customers more efficiently. Dr. Nomura, Senior R&D Advisor: the influencer. Dr. Nomura has a significant part in the final decision since he has a high influence on Mr. Kimura. He is also a big admirer of Dr. Max Scorse’s work. He supplies the information for the evaluation of all alternative and views the Spartacus as the best in the in the market. Dr....
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