Kima Tv Station Challenges and Strategies

Topics: Television station, Broadcast engineering, Television channel Pages: 2 (474 words) Published: December 5, 2012
The job of Bill McCann, the commercial producer at KIMA Television, is to develop and arrange videotaped or live programs for television or Internet. His major challenge is to decide what appears on the website, coordinate talent, and select the proper venue and script. To be where Mr. McCann is, one must acquire great communication skills and understand the production process and the ability to multitask. To produce and manage a local television station can be a rewarding but stressful job. Your work as the chief is to basically make sure everyone else is doing his or her job. More importantly, the job of the reporter themselves can be a major challenge. Seeking out stories can be a bother on its own, but one issue is meeting deadlines and getting the information needed to meet said deadlines. It is hard to get enough staff to do everything the company asks of each employee. On a more personal note I, Bekah Gehrke, was walking through the town of Ellensburg, Washington and I was asked by a reporter to be a part of an interview concerning local forest fires and how the smoke was affecting others and myself. I agreed to participate and asked this one reporter, who was filming and producing his own work by himself, how he liked his job. To which he responded along the lines of, “It is stressful most days and requires a lot of hard work. Sometimes I feel underpaid but I realize that I’m doing something I love.” I realized that, after visiting the KIMA television station on October 19th, these local reporters are seeking stories, interviewing, filming, and editing their content into stories all by themselves; as opposed to bigger television stations where there are separate writers, videographers, and reporters who work together to create stories for their audiences. I can honestly say that after this field trip, I have gained a new respect for local radio and television stations. Since starting KIMA television, the content of the work has grown tremendously over...
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