Kim Campbell

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Rebecca Palaria

The effectiveness of your position paper will depend not only on content but also on organization and logical development from beginning to end. It is not enough to have good ideas; you must communicate them clearly to your reader, with smooth transitions from one point to the next, and evidence to support every statement you make.

Research Question+ Thesis :| RQ – Was Kim Campbell a significant individual during the post-World War II time period?-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Thesis-|

Main Arguments: | 1. Helped create a more socially just and peaceful world | | 2. Improved the health and well-being of humanity | | 3. Provided courageous leadership and helped Canadian society progress |

I. INTRODUCTION The “Beginning”

Identify your topic (thesis) and indicate how you intend to handle it. Be sure to include a mapping statement outlining the sub-topics or arguments you plan to discuss.

Attention Getter| |

Mapping Statement| |

Thesis| |

II. BODY The “Middle”

Sub-topic 1-Helped create a more socially just and peaceful world – Introductory sentence:| |

Arguments/ Proofs with supporting evidence:
1 a) “The Politics of Inclusion” [her style of politics was often described as “the politics of inclusion (Stewart, 6)] * Supported several changes such as stopping discrimination based on …political beliefs, eliminating mandatory retirement, and accommodating the special needs of people with disabilities (Stewart, 30) * “There is no question that sexism, racism, and other forms of discrimination are clearly systematic problems in the justice system.’ She told a Vancouver symposium on women and the law in 1991.” (“The real Kim Campbell”) * Introduced legislation that banned discrimination against homosexuals (“The real Kim Campbell)| 1 b) Women’s rights activism * “Argued that much of Canadian law was biased in favor of white men, and she overtly campaigned for women’s rights.” (“Kim Campbell, Great Lives from History: The Twentieth Century) * Advocated for women’s rights when she challenged the anti-abortion beliefs of William Bennett, the premier of British Columbia. (“Kim Campbell, Great Lives from History: The Twentieth Century) * “Kim felt that women should have a bigger presence in governments and deciding how the world should be run” (Stewart, 15)| 1 c) Spoke out for people who did not have a voice themselves * Brought about many changes that positively affected minorities in her community as a rookie member of the Legislative Assembly. (Stewart, 22) * As justice minister she spoke out for people who did not have a voice themselves; such as the First Nations’ people, as well as people in same-sex relationships and women’s issues (Stewart, 23) * She fought to preserve jobs of non-unionized substitute teachers, by challenging trade unionism, expressing her anger towards the unfairness of it, while she was chairman of the Vancouver school board (“The real Kim Campbell)|

Sub-topic 2-Improved the health and well-being of humanity – Introductory sentence:| |

Arguments/ Proofs with supporting evidence:
2 a) Implementing new health related initiatives * “She worked with the health minister to make provisions for people with AIDS and to reduce ignorance about the disease.” (Stewart, 22) * Kim openly supported public funding for abortions (Stewart, 24) * Promoted legislation that reinstated abortion to the Criminal Code with the precondition that doctors would only perform the procedure when the women’s health was endangered (“The real Kim Campbell”)| 2 b) Protecting safety and privacy of citizens of Canada * Drafted a Criminal Code amendment concerning the amount of information that could be presented to juries about a victim’s sexual assault....
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