Killings vs. in the Bedroom

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Killings vs. In the Bedroom
I really enjoyed the short story “Killings” written by Andre Dubus. I felt the story was very dark and depressing but what intrigued me most about the story was how close to real life it was. Todd Field’s interpretation “In the Bedroom” was an excellent rendition of the short story. He captured the story very well and really brought it to life on the big screen.

The short story really portrays the society we live in. You hear every day about domestic violence that results in someone getting hurt or killed. The story tells about a young man involved with a woman separated from her jealous husband that results in the young man’s death. The parents of the young man play a big role in the story as well.

Killings starts off with the young man Frank Fowler already killed and goes directly into the aftermath of his death. In the Bedroom begins with the relationship of Frank and Natalie while they were dating. I think the way the movie began was better because it lets you see more into the relationship of Frank and Natalie. The movie allows you to get attached to the characters which I feel caused more of an impact when Frank was killed by Natalie’s husband Richard. The movie also shows more detail of why Frank’s parents were against his relationship with Natalie.

Marrero 2
The short story gives more back ground into the type of person Richard Strout was. It explains more of his upbringing. The movie mainly portrays him as the angry jealous husband but not much of his background was explained except that he came from a wealthy family that owns a local company. Both versions do show him as a jealous cold hearted individual that shows no remorse for what he had done to Frank.

The part of the short story where Frank comes home after having his first confrontation with Richard was a bit different from the movie. The part when Frank comes home and he’s all bruised up was the same except in the short...
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