Killings Lit Analysis

Topics: Short story, Murder, Fiction Pages: 3 (1218 words) Published: December 14, 2012
In the short story “killings” two extremely different characters both deal with loss, love, and revenge which are all explored themes in this story. A violent and jealous Richard Strout kills Frank Fowler for being in a new relationship with his estranged wife Mary Ann. In turn Frank’s parents begin to mourn the loss of their youngest son. Frank’s mother Ruth Fowler was having trouble coping with the loss of her son even more so because of still having to see his murderer while she was running simple errands around the town they lived in and still see him out enjoying life as if he had done nothing wrong “He walks the Goddamn streets”(Dubus,96,1979). Matt Fowler having so much love for his wife decides then wanted to protect and stop his wife’s suffering so she can try to return to her normal life; he also thought that the justice system would fail their family so Matt starts to plot his own revenge on Richard Strout.

This is a story with which both characters Richard Strout and Matt Fowler deal with loss in two completely different ways. Richard’s loss starts with him losing his family because of his jealous and violent ways. Tired of dealing with her husband’s ways Richard’s wife Mary Ann decided they would be better apart rather than together. “Mary Ann was in the process of divorce” (Dubus, 1979, 99). Since this Richard moved out and left his wife and two sons with Mary Ann therefore losing his entire family. Unlike Richard’s loss dealing with losing his family because of his own ways; Matt Fowler’s loss in the story is dealing with the loss of his youngest son Frank who we are introduced to in the beginning of the story “On the August morning when Matt Fowler buried his youngest son, Frank”( Dubus, 1979, 96). The affects of Matt’s loss is carried with him throughout the entire short story becoming one of the main themes in the story.” Looking at the back of Strout’s head he thought of Frank’s grave ;”( Dubus, 1979, 103)

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