Killing Without Emotions

Topics: Suicide methods, Kamikaze, Kill Pages: 3 (929 words) Published: March 24, 2013
Shaharyar khan
Michael Miller
CW 1
Date: 05/02/13
Killing Without Emotions
“In World War Two it is fact that only 15 to 20 percent of the solider fired at the enemy. That is one in five soldiers actually shooting at a Nazi when he sees one.” (Frisbee Jr) This surprising fact clearly indicates how hard it is to kill without emotions. The guilt or the feeling one gets after he has killed somebody is the worst feeling of his/her life. This fact also indicates our human nature. Emotions are the essential and necessary part of humans. In one way, humans are differentiated from animals and emotionless machines. This human nature of ours makes us think or stops us in order to kill without emotions. When humans are hardwired to be empathetic and compassionate not to kill, it is hard to understand why there is so much killing in the world? How, with empathy and compassion, can people kill? They must override their emotions with stronger emotions of hate and notions of purpose based on their beliefs. In the following paragraphs will present few examples that will indicate why and how some people override their emotions with stronger emotions based on their purpose. A common example of this is of a suicide bomber. So how these suicide bombers are formed or what is the psychology involved behind suicide bombing. . Often the suicide bombers arrested in Pakistan are usually teenagers and are from a poor background. They are usually kidnapped on their way to school or madraassa (religious school) and then brainwashed. Research and Today’s media reveals that suicide bombers using their religion as a shield justifies what they are doing are right. During brainwashing they are kept isolated and given misleading information on the name of the religion. They are told by the corrupt religious leaders that killing of the non Muslims are justified according to their religion. In addition to this they are also told that dying in the name of their religion...
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