Killing Mr. Griffin

Topics: Murder, High school, Sleater-Kinney Pages: 3 (995 words) Published: April 9, 2011
Donisha Smith
Period 2

Book Report: Killing Mr. Griffin
My book report is on “Killing Mr. Griffin”. The author of this book is Lois Duncan. Lois Duncan is a female novelist who writes suspense stories for teenagers. This book was published by Little Brown on April 1978. The protagonist of this book is named Susan McConnell. Susan is a sixteen year old junior at Del Norte High School in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She is a loner and mostly stays at home to study. She is a hardworking student and is very unpopular. Personally, I like Susan. Throughout the book she was the only one who wanted to do the right thing when the other characters in the book accidently killed Mr. Griffin. The one thing that I didn’t like about Susan was how easily she was persuaded into the plan of kidnapping their English teacher to “teach him a lesson”.

The antagonist of this book is named Mark Kinney. Mark is a seventeen year old senior who also attends Del Norte High School. Mark’s face rarely shows emotion, but his eyes become very bright and shiney when he has an idea. Mark is a psychopath and is the one who manipulated Susan and his friends into kidnapping Mr. Griffin. Mark has a special dislike for Mr. Griffin because he made him have to beg to get back in his class for next semester after he plagiarized his term paper. There are many other characters who play a big role in this book that also attended Del Norte High School. David Ruggles, handsome, popular, good student, and class president of the senior class is in on the conspiracy. He allows himself to be persuaded by Mark because David loves a challenge and wanted to have some excitement in his life. Betsy, is the head cheerleader and is considered by everyone the most popular girl in school. She hates it when she is not the center of attention. She doesn’t care much for Mr. Griffin. The only reason why she joined the plan is because she has a secret crush on Mark even though she is dating Jeff. Jeff is the star...
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