Killing Lizards

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Killing Lizards
B) Write an essay about the text.
The Oedipus complex comes from a Greek king, named Oedipus; this king killed his father, because he was in love with his mother. Why Oedipus killed his father, was so he could have her for himself. The psychologist Freud has investigated this case, and he tells us that the “Oedipus complex” is a conflict between the child and the parents of the same sex. The child considers the parents of the same sex as a competitor in the fight for the attention from the parents of the opposite sex.

The short story “Killing Lizards” by William Boyd was published in 1981. The story takes place somewhere in Africa. The short story tells us about a boy Named Garvin, he is 12 years old. Gavin has a sister, she is studying in England, and he lives with his mother and father in Africa. Gavin often dreams about the death of his father and sister, because off his biggest wish, witch is to have his mother on his own. This is a sign of Gavin suffering from Oedipus complex. Even though it is his father and sister, he sees them as a threat between him and his mother. He can’t make them disappear in the real world, but in his dreams and fantasy it is possible. That develops feelings that Gavin can’t control, and to gain that control he kill lizards. Killing lizards make him release his inner aggressions, and give him other thoughts. It is not normal for 12 years old boy to deal with issues like these and especially on his own. Gavin knows that the dreams and the thoughts he have isn’t good, but what should he do? He don’t talk with his parents about it, they haven’t even notice his issues. That is a sign, which tells that Garvin don’t have a good relationship to his parents. He also seems to be overlooked by his family. His sister who used to play with him is at brooding school, and when she is home, she is too busy; she only wants to spend time with their mother. His father seems to work too much, but the person Garvin misses the...
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