Killing Animals for Food

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Killing animals for food: for & against

The question of killing animals for food is very difficult because there are a lot of different reasons for people to kill animals and a great number of reasons why we mustn’t do it.

Of course we can’t imagine our life without meat, sausages and other tasteful meals made of meat. But I think it’s really cruel and inhuman to kill animals. We are not gods and it’s not up to us to decide if they must live or should be killed. Who gave us the right to take their lives? They are as alive as we are and they also want to live. We must be more human and think not only about ourselves and how to satiate our jealous stomachs. We are sure that we are supreme and the most intelligent creatures. Then why do we kill those silly animals as they do living their wild lives? This shows that we are also wild and furious and we are not very differ from them.

But if there appears another creature more intelligent and supreme than we are, would you like to be a delicious dinner for it? I think no. So let’s get used not to eat meat and fish and other products made of them. It’s not a great problem now, because we have a wide range of other various meals and products which are not less tasteful or useful.

I eat meat myself and I know that it will take me a long time to stop doing it. But I’ll try. And we all must try, because animals as well as we have the right to live.

I’m definitely against of killing animals!
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