Killers Tears

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The Killers Tears.

The text, The Killers Tears by Anne Laure Bondoux, is a sad yet happy story of a young boy, Paolo Poloverdos, who lives on a small farm at the end of the world. This all soon changes when a wanted killer named Angel Allegria comes walking down the track and in cold blood, murders the young boys parents. When the young boy walks in to see his parents in a pool of blood, then looks at the murderer and his knife, it changes the souls of the murder and the small child forever.

In the text Angel Allegria was a cold-blooded killer, but Angel soul changes when he meets a child Paolo Poloverdos. Angel would normally kill any person that got in his way but the day he saw and met Paolo was the day his life changed for the better. “I’ve never killed a child.” Said Angel Pg4. Angel could have quite easily killed him but he didn’t, Angel Allegria for the first time in his life felt empathy for another person. Angel showed empathy for Paolo. Angel spared Paolo’s life and now is acting as a fatherly figure.

In the text Angel Allegria was basically Paolo’s Dad. Angel clothed, fed and cared for the child. Each night Angel would build a fire just to keep Paolo warm. He made soup and milked a goat for him. When another man came down the track and lived with the young boy and the murderer. His name was Luis, and Angel saw him as a threat, and was trying to steal the boy’s love from him. “It’s for you, do whatever you want with it.” Pg3. Angel found a young fox and gave it to him in an attempt to win Paolo’s happiness and his love.

In the text Angel is labelled a cold-hearted killer, but since meting Paolo his life changed for the better. It all changed when he had the chance to kill two people but he didn’t. He just simply tied them up and stole their donkey and horse. “It wasn’t nice to do that.” Pg47 Luis said. Luis argued with Angel about stealing the horse but it was a lot better then killing them. Because Angel did that, now all three can now make...
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