Killers/on the Sidewalk Bledding Essay

Topics: Stereotype Pages: 3 (814 words) Published: May 23, 2013
ESSAY- “On the sidewalk Bleeding” and “Killers”

These books, “killers”, written by O. E. Middleton and “On the side walk Bleeding”, written by Evan Hunter portrays an important idea on how stereotyping corrupts society. This essay will discuss the negative affects stereotyping has on society and why stereotyping is a very important issue to be aware abut. In this essay there will also be example from the texts where the theme is clearly shown

A significant event that reveals that the negative effects of stereotyping is in “Killers” and the quote . . . “They’re killers alright, agreed the man . . . he fumbled for a cigarette, fed it into his mouth. “This show the negative effect of stereotyping on society because he is saying the hawk is the killer when al it is doing is what the Hawk needs to for basic survival, which also shows the man, is being hypercritical when he just tried to murder the hawk and he is smoking a cigarette and smoking kills. In “On the side walk bleeding the effect is show when “He had a terrible pain when the knife had torn across his body, then sudden relief when the blade was pulled away. He had heard the voice saying, “That’s for you, Royal””. This quote shows the negative of stereotyping because the person who stabbed Andy referred to him as “Royal”, which means that the person was only stabbing the jacket not necessarily Andy because of all the destruction and conflict the gang has caused, he probably only stabbed Andy just because he was wearing the jacket. These to quotes show the negative effect on society because Children learn these stereotypes and apply them carelessly through the rest of their lives without any knowledge of how to correctly assess a person’s values. Stereotyping can have massive, negative effects on national and international relations, which could consequently lead to world trade being affected or even the outbreak of war.

A significant event that shows the effect that reveals that why stereotyping is...
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