Kill a Mocking Bird Significance of Scouts Pov

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  • Published : May 2, 2013
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To Kill A Mockingbird.

Having a very young and innocent narrator vaguely disrupts the novel having such a deep and mature context. Having Scout, a child, retell serious events through her naïve mind, gives a very censored outlook. Scouts perspective on significant events gives readers a very truthful honest opinion on ways Scout grasps and understands the, very grown up, situations in which she witnesses. Also another advantage of having the novel from a child’s point of view is that as scout learns Maycombs ways so do we, preparing both the reader and Scout for the books serious events. Scout is a very up front, honest narrator, and always shares her opinions and thoughts on the other characters. She has a very young attitude and settles arguments with violence, not knowing any better. You see everything from Scouts perspective, so certain things you hear and events she sees are only her opinion, the readers can identify Scout and experience her deepest, innermost thoughts and feelings.

Having the novel cover extremely grave topics- examples racism, discrimination, rape- it is difficult to understand why Harper choose to write from a very young child’s point of view. Considering half the events in which Scout witnesses she doesn’t fully understand, and seems to make herself feel a way in which she finds appropriate, the reader picks up on significant events faster. In the novel, as Scout rarely understands the full seriousness of situations and the way they will turn out there is a lot of presumptions to be made personally by readers. There is a lot of honesty, as well in the way Scout describes and speaks to other characters. Scouts opinion, half the time, isn’t her own as such, it’s the town’s influence and which she’s grown up surrounded by. Scout is quick to make judgment when it comes to other people living in the town.

Seeing everything only from Scouts perspective makes the whole thing very contained in what you hear and see. As Scout is...
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