Kill a Mocking Bird Chap. 10- 12

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  • Published : February 7, 2011
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Chapter 10
1.Because Atticus is older than most of the fathers of the children at her school, young Scout feels that her father doesn't quite match up. 2.It is a sin because mockingbirds don’t do anything but make beautiful music. 3.Miss Maudie points out to Jem and Scout that Atticus is not particularly proud of his killing skill. 4.Because Atticus doesn’t even brag about his skill so Jem doesn’t want Scout to brag.

Chapter 11
1a. Because Atticus is known as a vey respectful ad nice person and he wants Jem and Scout to be seen that way. 1b. Because Mrs. Dubose is very sick and she takes this medicine that is very addictive and to stay away from it she has Jem read to her. 2. I think he author did that because she was sick and very ugly. I feel as if it adds an effect to the character. 3. The term nigger lover is an ignorant term, I agree with Atticus because it is an ignorant term. 4.

Chapter 12
2. Lula's antagonism is to show that the hatred between the two races works both ways. 3. What new things does scout learn here about how the black people live. 4. Cal is only being honest because she does not want others to feel as if she is patronizing them. If she talks the way she does around white people, they might make her feel as if she wants to be seen more superior to them.

Chapter 13
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