Kill and Luis

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Tarantula Productions:

Barredo, Ralph John D.
Fadri, Jason Bon J.
Vilalflor, Mark Andrew K.
Andales, Paul John G.
dela Cena, Maria Kristina Z.
Turingan, Marjorie

Psychiatrist: Barredo, Ralph John D.A.K.A.Dr. Manzano
Killer: Unknown
House Caretaker: Extra no. 1
Visitors: Fadri, Jason Bon J.( Psychopath) A.K.A.Luis
Vilalflor, Mark Andrew K.A.K.A.Mauricio
Andales, Paul John G. A.K.A.Juan
dela Cena, Maria Kristina Z. A.K.A.Sol
Turingan, Marjorie V.A.K.A.Crizel
Extra No. 2A.K.A.Facundo
Extra No. 3A.K.A.Lourdes
Extra No. 4A.K.A.Roberto

Scene 1: [Luis and Mr. Manzano]


Mr. Manzano walking in the hallway with a folder in hand, making his way towards the monitor room, where he’s supposed to meet the patient a few minutes from now..

Mr. Manzano : *in thought* well this case seems pretty odd. A murder in an abandoned villa for 48 hours… I wonder if the young man still had his mental state in a stable pace. It’s a pity for him, becoming the only victim who had survived. Yet, a prime suspect of this gruesome killing. *Stops by the door of the monitor room, taking a deep breath before turning the doorknob* This should be an interesting session. *steps inside*

[Inside the Monitor Room]

Luis : *Seated at the far end of the table with his hands clasped together, noticed Mr.Manzano’s entrance*

Mr. Manzano : *quickly closes the door behind him, proceeds to take the empty seat across Luis* Hello there young man.

Luis : *Remains silent, staring blankly at him*

Mr. Manzano: I’m Mr. Manzano, may I ask your name?

Luis : Mr. Manzano…. The name’s Luis.

Mr. Manzano : *skeptical* Oh. *Sits down* our name contains quite a chemistry now. *chuckles a bit*

Luis: Sir, your sense of humor is dry. Just get to the point.

Mr. Manzano: My apologies *coughs* So then, to get into the serious part of this conversation and to start off, I’m not a cop, not a friend who has come to chat with you and neither am I here to cheer you up, I am a doctor, someone whom you need most.. right now.

Luis: *observing*

Mr. Manzano : It seems that after all you’ve been through, you are still in good shape. Well let’s get down to business, shall we?

Luis : So you think I’m a suspect to this incident?

Mr. Manzano: That question will need a basis. I’m not here to be biased on things and what not people tell about you. *Started organizing the materials he bought with him; opening the folder, revealing pictures inside and slips out a piece of paper of what seems to be a set of questions* Now, *pulls out a pen* based from the reports that I’ve heard.. I can presume that your mental strength is stable and you do not have amnesia. Your behavior and emotions right now are that of ordinary people out there, especially coming from people who have experienced what you have.

Luis: What are you trying to prove?

Mr. Manzano: You might not admit this but your tolerance level towards pressure is stronger than ordinary people of your age, although you’ve had intentions to commit suicide, you hesitated too long. Putting it simply, you don’t need a psychiatric evaluation –smiles-

Luis: -blankly staring-

Mr. Manzano: As far as I’ve been informed, she’s the first one to die right? -shows a couple of pictures on the folder- with a head injury and if I may infer, those large stones at the pool were constantly hit at her..

Luis: I thought you’re a psychiatrist. Not a detective.

Mr.Manzano: I’m trying to know the sequence and explanations of the events that happened in the villa, not only that but your mental state along with how the other victim’s state before they died and how this things lead to where it is right now. You’re the only one who can explain these.

Luis: I suppose, but I tell you I did not witness every killing that took place. You may conclude...
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