Kill and Beowulf

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  • Published : October 16, 2005
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The values during the time of Beowulf were based around loyalty, trust, and brotherhood. If it weren't for Beowulf's loyalty towards Hrothgar because of family and location ties, Grendel may have never been killed. The brotherhood among Wiglaf and Beowulf was essential to kill the worm. Wiglaf was awarded for his loyalty and brotherhood with a golden cup and a hereditary position to the throne. Loyalty between tribes and individuals can be seen throughout the poem and plays a key role in many scenes.

When the Danes were in outrage and chaos from Grendel's rampage, Beowulf came to their aid even though he was not a Dane. Beowulf, a man of great loyalty and honor, did this because he had family ties with Hrothgar, and both the Geats and Danes lived around the same location. The author says of Beowulf, "This man is their son / here to follow up an old friendship." When Beowulf arrived, the Danes were rejoicing at his great strength and reputation. After Beowulf killed Grendel, the tribes were safe once again, but this wouldn't last for long. There's no telling for how long Grendel would have terrorized the tribes if it weren't for Beowulf's brotherhood towards Hrothgar and the Danes. Beowulf was rewarded very handsomely for his success in killing the beast. King Hrothgar gave him several prizes including a gold banner, a helmet, a coat of mail, and an ancient sword, and a set of golden bridled horses. All of these gifts were said to be given to Beowulf as a reward for his bravery. Even Hrothgar's wife, Welthow was amazed at Beowulf courage and wise. She even asked Beowulf to bless her children so they would one day be as courageous as Beowulf. The author states, "Let your fame and your strength/ Go hand in hand; and lend these two boys/ Your wise and gentle heart! I'll remember your/ Kindness. Your glory is too great to forget/...Spread your blessed protection/ Across my son, and my king's son!" The fame given to Beowulf after he had...
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