Topics: Rhetoric, Appeal, Emotion Pages: 2 (727 words) Published: February 19, 2013
Kilbourne portrays her point of the objectification of women in advertising in contrasting ways between her essay in ReReading America and the video Killing Us Softly 4. Kilbourne has a different target audience for each work, the way she presents the information is different, and she appeals to our emotions and morals to present the information.

In the video, Kilbourne’s main audience that she is trying to reach is young women. The movie aims to inform girls about the world that they live in and how advertising affects us all. Awareness about what is being done is said sometimes in a humorous way as to capture and interest the audience. This is done quite well when an ad, advertising shampoo uses example of how imperfect your breast can be, but at least your hair can be perfect. This is then humorously contrasted with what one for men would sound like. She uses milder facts, statistics, and stories that will have shock value but completely upset the viewer of her presentation in contrast the essay contains a starling amount of statistics that reveal the truth about woman battery and abuse. The target audience for the book is more of the average women. The tone is one used to talk to other adults around her age. She even makes a reference to the women of her generation and how that may have experienced harassment in the school but, it is nothing like what the girls and women today are experience, “how different from the “teasing “some of us might remember from our own childhoods”. In the essay there are at least two example given of how a court has gone in favor of the perpetrator no the victim of the crime done. Where the video gives and overview of all the topics discussed the essay goes deeper into the logistics and details of how the advertisements are really affecting people.

The essay and the movie are the same in that both portray facts about how advertising in our world today in objectifying women and men, but not on the same level. Where women...
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