Kilauea and Mt St Helens Comparison

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  • Published : October 31, 2012
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Geography study on the differences
Between the volcanoes MT st Helens and Kilauea

Kilauea is a volcano in the Hawaiian Islands it is one of the five shield volcanoes in the Hawaiian language Kilauea means spewing or spreading. Mt St. Helens is an active stratovolcano in Washington it is named after British diplomat lord st Helens.

There are many differences between the volcanoes for example the explosivity of the two volcanoes most recent eruptions are completely different Kilauea is almost constantly flowing and has virtually no explosions at all it also has low viscosity lava flows running from it constantly where as MT st Helens is completely different in MT st Helens most devastating eruption in 1980 There was a huge explosion and pyroclastic flows down the side of the mountain and high viscosity lava because there are now lava flows.

Another difference between the two volcanoes is the size and shape of the volcanoes Kilauea is the worlds largest volcano with sides stretching down to the ocean floor but people do not often realize that because only the top of the volcano is visible to people and looks like a large hill MT st Helens on the other hand is entirely above ground and has a large chunk of its side missing from the 1980 eruption (fig 2). Another difference in the size and shape of the mountain is the flanks of the mountain in Kilauea the flanks slump and slide off at a rate of 6 to 10 cm a year causing land slides into the sea creating land in the sea where lava has hardened MT st Helens has the opposite problem MT st Helens blew the side of the mountain away in the eruption in 1980 causing the side of the mountain to slide down. Another difference between he two volcanoes is the hazard presented to people Kilauea has been commented on by the authorities who say that people and wildlife are not in danger however they have placed instruments to keep an eye on the volcano just in case MT st Helens however in 1980 the authorities monitored...
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