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Media Studies coursework
Kidulthood is a realist drama set in West London, made in 2006.It shows stereotype with teenagers and gender. Stand By Me is a film about four young teens going on a adventure to find a dead body. This film was made in 1986 but was based in 1959.The four boys lice in a small town in America. The youth and gender representation of kidulthood is that, it represents girls as being sex toys and that they need the opposite sex.A character which shows this is Becky (Alisa's best friend).She always sells her body to men so that she can get stuff which shows that women are born to do these stuff. For instance in the film she gives an older man a blowjob for drugs. This evidence also shows that she is a sex toy for men. In conclusion Becky represents her gender as being lower than men because of her actions. Sam is the main antagonists in the film. He is represented as someone who everyone fears inside school and he always goes for someone who is less dominant. He represents his youth by showing that teenagers being a bad citizen around there area and people are not safe around them. My evidence is that he led to two murders in the film, one was Katie because of his demeanour towards her which led her to suicide and at the end of the film he hits Trife in the belly with a baseball bat. He represents his gender as boys being stronger and dominant than girls because he threatened his girlfriend with a baseball bat and he pulled Alisa's her towards the end of the film. Overall he represents his youth and gender as boys nature is to be violent and have rough demeanour to girls and other people in his community. Jay is part of Trife's crew and he often uses women in the film. Jay acts big during the film but is often described as someone who is all talk and no actions. This is shown in the film when he kisses Sam's girlfriend and he tells her he is not scared of Sam. But when Sam confronts him, he let him take his Gameboy. Jay represents his youth...
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