Kids Fashion Show

Topics: Fashion, Mother, Vogue Pages: 2 (592 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Kids Fashion Week

The article written by “The Daily Beast” Tom Sykes, focused on the effects of London’s “Kids Fashion Week”, on children. Sykes started with his own experience as a child. His mother happens to specialize in hand-made clothes, using materials like cotton, silk, and wool. She’s been doing so for over 50 years and does work for all ages, especially for young children. He talks about his experience posing for his mothers adverts in the “British Vogue”. He states that the poses never did any harm. It was very innocent. In one photo you see him with his friend and sisters, playing around a rocking horse. Sykes then goes into the prices his mother sells her clothes for. Hand-made dresses for 5 year old's start around 300 dollars. Boy shirts start at $140 and man’s at $170. To him its not about the price but the material and the process the clothes are made. Even though his wife might disagree on spending that much on children clothes he states “ I know how much nice clothes cost to make, especially if they are being made by hand, and not in a factory, and in England, and not in China.” To him spending that much is okay because its worth it. They last for years and could be handed down. Even though no one really knows where the cloths from Kids Fashion Week was made, he’s pretty sure it wasn’t England and it wasn’t done by hand. Designers like Paul Smith, Boss, Marni and Galliano, do sell puffa jackets, blazers and dresses for children. A Paul smith puffa jacket cost at an average rate of $250 and a Boss puffa jacket for about $230. Marni girl dresses cost about $420, and a Galliano $440. People that claim that they wouldn’t spend that much do “sell out” and buy those brands regardless of the materials used. They go for name brands instead of properly made clothes. For this reason he states critics like Vanessa Friedman from the “Financial Times“ say we should be worried about Kids Fashion Week. she claims at that young age...
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