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Kids and Media

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Kids and Media
"What's the big deal?" Cartman asks. "It doesn't hurt anybody." "Fu**-fu**ety-fu**-fu**-fu**" (South). Actually it does hurt somebody. Each and every day kids spend hours perched in front of the television, watching and playing everything that they can get their hands on. What they don't realize is that every passing moment that they sit in front of that magic box their brains are being implanted with unwanted information. Information that may be detrimental to their behavior and their lifestyle. Media is defined as including television, radio, newspapers, magazines, video games, and the computer. Children use these means of communication on a daily basis thus increasing the influence that media has on them. The average American child spends five hours and 29 minutes a day using media (Kiesewetter). That's one minute less than the daily minimum instructional time for Ohio secondary schools (Kiesewetter). There is something wrong with this picture. Children today are spending almost as much time sitting in front of the television as they spend going to school. Instead of learning that five plus five equals ten, they are learning ten not so nice ways to tell their brother or sister what they really think of them. Media has a great influence on kids today and plays a huge roll in their behavior, their lifestyle, and the type of person that they become.

The first type of media and most widely used is the television. When children turn on that television they sometimes get an unexpected education. The television can be a very powerful influence in developing ideals and shaping behavior. Unfortunately most of today's television is very violent so the more television a child watches the more susceptible that child is to pick up those tendencies. A child's mind is like a sponge. It absorbs anything and everything that it comes into contact with. That is why TV violence is such a problem for kids. Children who see a lot of violence are...

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