Kids and Cell Phones

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  • Published : April 23, 2012
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Kids and Cell Phones
Ashford University
BUS350/Consumer Behavior

Kids and Cell Phones
“Should I buy my teenage daughter a cell phone?” That is a question that many parents ask themselves at one point in their child’s life. Ask my child directly about why she should have a cell phone, and you are likely to receive one of these responses: “I feel like a nobody without one,” or, “Because I’m the only kid in class who doesn’t have a cell phone.” Even my parents agree that the “little princess” must receive a cell phone. In order to determine if my daughter should receive a cell phone, we must identify the players in this scene: a decision maker, a beneficiary, a facilitator, and an accommodator, and discuss their motives. Only then can we justify purchasing a cell phone for my teenage daughter. “The decision process within a household unit resembles a business conference. Certain matters go on the table for discussion, different members have different priorities and agendas, and there may be power struggles to rival any tale of corporate intrigue (Soloman, 2011).” The most important person in this process is the decision maker. The parent, a decision maker in this case, will have to make a decision on whether to buy the phone or not. The child must provide solid reasoning as to why there is a need for the cell phone. The parent must also use deductive reasoning, and research to make an informed decision. The motive here is to make a sound decision about the purchase of the cell phone for the beneficiary. Another player in this scene is the beneficiary of the cell phone, who in this case is the teenage daughter. Through the use of the phone, the teenage daughter is able to communicate with friends as cell phone use increases social participation. In this scene the beneficiary, or the teenage daughter, wants the cell phone for peer perception. The beneficiary believes that by having the cell phone, they will more than likely fit in with their peers,...
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