Kidnapped Book Report

Topics: Youth detention center, Crime, Eye color Pages: 2 (632 words) Published: April 21, 2011
Book 1
The abduction
By gordan corman

Kidnapped, the abduction is a book about a girl and a boy being suspicious about here family they think their entire family is a bunch of criminals and traitors but that’s not the only problem their is some one is out to get them because of there families crimes. If you want to know what happens to them read the story but I’ll tell you one thing for sure if they don’t find out what the people that are looking for them want soon they might not live with there families any more.

The climax was when the falconer kids decide to tell the FBI about these crimes and about the people who are following them. First the falconer kids try to keep this a secret so there family doesn’t get in trouble, but then they relies that is to much for them to handle so they give the mission to the FBI.

The main characters of this story are Meg and Aiden. Through out the story these two characters both work as a team. Meg is a girl. Meg has brown eyes and hair. She is more nature friendly, and she doesn’t really fit into the new neighborhood. She is like the odd one out in school. Meg and Aiden are like each others best friends. Aiden is the guy. Aiden has brown hair and blue eyes. Aiden is older than Meg, and like I said before for Meg Aiden is having the same problem fitting into the neighborhood. Not only are they brother and sister, they also are best friends.

Rations and recommendations
I would rate this book 8 its not as good as the other books I have read this year, but its not bad I mean I liked the climax a lot. I would recommended this book to all of you. I think this a great fun book to read and people should have fun reading this book.

The setting of this book is in two places first it is in juvenile and then when they escape it is in there house. They don’t tell what time the book was happening but it seemed like it was around 2000 give or take 5 years.

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