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  • Published : March 4, 2013
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Kidnapping means when you take someone away without their or their guardians permission and consent. When most people think about kidnapping they think of high-profile events. In general, people believe that kidnapping happens only in movies or incredibly wealthy. Kidnapping is not a common crime. It is important to remember that there are several different types of kidnapping. There is no ransom or monetary. The reasons that cause kidnapping is because the kidnapper want to earn money from ransom, their parents offended some people and those offender kidnap their children for revenges. Reason to kidnap someone is so the kidnapper can sell him or her into slavery. There is a thriving slave market in many countries. This is known as human trafficking. Human trafficking is an issue in multiple countries. It is a problem all over the world, These slaves are usually used for household work or labor, or are sexually exploited and forced into becoming streetwalkers. Those kidnappers earn money from those ways. Many missing children are abducted and sold for their body parts. Can u imagine how those doctors could really found an organ for u just a short period time and is exactly suit for your body or blood type? My conclusion to kidnap is parents or guardians should take responsible to take good care of the children and to prevent they get lost or get hurt from other or strangers. After children get hurt they will spiritual trauma. Children shouldn’t face those hurt.
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