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Argumentative essay

Are leaders made or born?

By definition, a leader is a person who rules or guides or inspires others, someone others are willing to follow without question. Some people believe that leadership can be learned through life, while others believe that leaders are born with the necessary qualities that make them a successful leader. Throughout the essay we will suggest why people are born leaders and why they are not made.

A good education and the family context of a person is one of the main facts why people think that someone can become a leader. Many believe that over life anyone can become a leader thanks to their life experiences, their personal goals and a leadership course. But a recent scientific research revealed that there are biological and genetic basis for leadership. Some people are born with a special gift that helps them become a good leader, and there are other people that do not have these traits and will never develop the characteristics of a leader. Some people are born with innate qualities that predispose them to being leaders, and other people while not be naturally gifted with a leadership ability.

Most psychologists believe that leadership qualities are innate or genetic and therefore impossible to learn. This is why the traits for leadership not always are compatible with everyone. Leadership skills can be taught, but it is not necessarily beneficial to everyone. Trained leaders will never be as good as a natural leader. Someone that was born with a natural gift and never needed to go to a course or a place were people are trained to become a leader, will be a better manager or supervisor. Those who have been assigned to lead others, but lack the ability or skill to do so, will be insignificant and minor managers or supervisors. In today’s industry businesses need innate leaders.

Leadership means having an ability and desire to inspire and influence others. Based on that definition we cannot say that someone...
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