Kid Kill

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Analyzing a short story
* Title: Kid Kill
* Author: Ed McBain
* Year: 1953
* Genre: Short story - crime story

* Description – a summary of the plot:
The story takes place…..
At the same time as it is written, It takes place on a very cold day in a smaller town in a police station and in the home of the family.

In the beginning of the story….
We are at the police station where we meet the detective Art Willis and his partner Ed Daley. Then……
The detective arrives at the home of a mother and her two sons. She is a widow, and lost her oldest son in the last war, but it is getting worse, her youngest son Ronald was accidentally shot by his brother Jeffry. The two boys were according to Jeffry playing in the attic. They found a gun that the oldest brother sent them during the war, and played with it, when it suddenly went off, and Ronald was hit. At the end of the story

Art Willis tells Ed Daley that he don't believe a word Jeffry said to them. There are too many in con sis ten cies. He believes that Jeffry killed Ronald on purpose(pøpøse), and that he had it all planed out for quite some time.

In the beginning of the story, we are at the police station, shortly after the detectives go to the “crime scene”. There are 3 settings in the house. The kitchen where the detectives talks to the mother, the attic where they investigate the crime scene, and Jeffry’s room where they talk to Jeffry. At the end of the story, the detectives are in the car, on their way back to the police station.

The people who are in the story
Art Willis - Detective/first grade. Very observant, but are not very good to give informations. Ed Daley - Partner. Not as observant but very good at sharing his information. Connerly – Local police officer at the crime scene.

Mrs. Owens – The mother of the boys
Jeffry – The shooter
Ronald – The victim
Perry – The older brother who died in the last war

The narrator is 1. Person...
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