Kickboxing: Learning and Great Way

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  • Published : May 21, 2011
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Prompt 2
I fall into 3 groups. People who is passionate about sport, play it and love it, and people who pays attention to the pro.
First of all, I fall into the group of the people who is passionate about sport is because when I was a little kid, I never liked doing anything. I thought I don’t need sport, it won’t give me anything. But my parents wanted me to attend some sport for my own good. I tried lots of sports such as: Tennis, Swimming, Biking, but none of them never gave me a passion or inspiration. One day my brothers took me with them to their boxing practice. I sat there and watched everyone working their punches, defense and speed. I started to look closely and started to repeat after them. I was hooked just like I got hypnotized. Then I saw my big brother stepping on the ring, match started and punches went one after another and opponent just dropped like a tree that been chopped in the woods. I got so excited and I thought this is a sport for me. Since I was very super skinny back then, I tried to train in my house on my own, working the punches, and techniques that I knew nothing about. In couple of months I joined Kickboxing association. In couple of years I became more skilled and competitive in my group, and it became passion of my life.

Second, I fall into group of people who play and love it because the sport I like is very interesting to me and all my brothers do it and even my friends. We all like a big family. However, when my friend and I get into the argument, we can always take it to the ring and solve everything by just losing or winning the fight, and it’s a great way to get our anger out. Afterwards, we act like it never happened. Moreover, I love it because it teaches you speed, self-defense, and a great way to stay in shape.

Third, I fall in group of people who pays close attention to pro’s is because when I see two fighters sparing, I look closely at their moves, hits, defenses, and learn from...
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