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Topics: Tuberculosis, Pregnancy, Glass Pages: 3 (874 words) Published: December 3, 2012
BRAC Visit- Reflection paper- Health Sector

BRAC University gave us the great opportunity to visit their Health Sector in Gorpara on 8th Oct 2011. Gorpara is in Manikganj. About fifteen students got this opportunity. At first we went to the BRAC Regional Office, there we met Shepani Shaha(Didi), the facilitator of our entire tour. From there she took us to a remote village area where we were introduced to the project staff- Shashtho Karmi named Shefali. They informed us that in order to be a project staff one needs to go through 18 days of training and has to be an assistant for 7 days and work with a senior. Then there are 12 volunteer services from where volunteers are chosen to take care of the villagers. Each volunteer work for the villagers without taking any payments and they sit with different families with “Khana” every month. Khana is said to be the dinner plate/stove that is served as the identity of the family. For 12 villagers there is one Shashto Karmi and in front of us they gave the villagers teachings about taking necessary steps to avoid diseases. She talked about sanitation, family planning and about arsenic free- safe water drinking. She also talked about doing arsenic testing to all the tube wells available in the surrounding area. Then she conducted a question and answer session where the villagers had to answer the questions asked, related to that day’s lesson. Shahnaz Begum is a volunteer working for 12 years under BRAC. About 100 patients were treated under her and according to their rule she has to go through a periodic refreshing training in about every few months. We came to know that they usually treat 11 diseases: running nose-cold, lack of blood, cists in the mouth gastric, diarriah, kirmi, daud, itching (khujli), amasha (food poisoning), pneumonia and golo gondho. However one thing which struck me a bit is that the villagers have to pay for the medicines. Only Pulmonary tuberculosis...
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