Topics: Malaria, DDT, Pesticide Pages: 3 (743 words) Published: November 20, 2012
American School of Guatemala
Secondary SectionDate: 08/31/2012
APESTrimester 1

Activity # 1- DDT and Pesticides

Directions: read carefully each statement and answer it.

Watch the following video – DDT and Pesticides, and write a short reflection paragraph about the topic. If you want to see again this video, you can find it on the following direction.

This video shows how DDT was used in the world to help humans. Later on people started to notice that this pesticide was very strong that was able to kill plagues and insects rapidly that they started using DDT even more. Even though it was helpful in some way it was also harmful. It was harmful because it had a chemical that was not bonding and was the one that made the harmful changes like in frogs that had 5 legs and in humans the harm that was caused was that it created cancer and mutations on people like the boy that was born without eyes. DDT may change in a way some people’s life but it really affects humans and their genes.

Go to the following address and watch Biocides: Rachel Carson.

Go to the following address and DDT: Weapon Against Disease - Documentary Film (1945) and write a short paragraph for the most important aspects covered on the video. In the video above it shows the creation of DDT. This particular product is characterized by a white insecticide and was formulated in many forms, it tells that DDT is taseless and almost odourless. It was first created in 1874 and used with great success during World War II in order to control malaria and thyphus within civilians and U.S troops. DDt was also used in agricultural insecticide and later its production. It shows how people were taking advantage of DDT without knowing the harm it would cause.

On the following address you would be find...
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