Khilafat Movement

Topics: Islam, Caliphate, Khilafat Movement Pages: 2 (493 words) Published: October 23, 2011
During the ww1 british wanted its support from the Indians to fight against Germany & Turkey. The muslims saw the khalifa of the ottaman empire as a religious figure head and so dis not enlist for the war. British seeing this promised to respect the khalifa after the war was over. This caused many Indians to support the British in the war. The british divided germany and announced the treaty of serves.This caused great resentment amongst the Muslims & so KHilafat movement was founded to save the Caliph. It is also a fact that Khilafat movement was also formed because of deep seated Muslim distrust of British. Afghanistan & persia were ruled by Russia & British according to their will. The MUSlims in the subcontinent feared that the bristish would take over Turkey & thus would rule other Muslim states such as Makkah & Madinah. So this movement was formed as a result.

Gandhi along with Congress wanted to revenge the british for the Amritsar massacre. They also wanted to show that India was able for self-government & muslims & hindus are 1 nation. He wanted to prove 1 nation theory And so he joined the khilafat movement in the form of a no-cooperation movement. As a result many children left school, workers left their jobs, and british cloth was burned.

The policy of non-cooperation united Hindus & muslims towards a common aim that was to gain independence. It showed the hatred of Indians towards british rule and can be seen as the first step towards independence. The Khilafat Movement made Muslims realise that they had political power. They come to belive that they don't need to depend on the british or the Hindus for their rights. Thus the Khilafat Movement can be seen as a fore runner to the pakistan movement.

Many children had left their studies as a result of non-cooperation. Many people had left their jobs and thus it affected them badly. The Muslims who migrated to afghanistan after India being called dar-ul-harb sufferd badly as they could not buy...
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