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Ch.7 pg.177 Q1: The four levels of scope shown in Figure 7-1 are personal, workgroup, enterprise, and interenterprise. At U of H Clear Lake the personal information system would be a department head professor, at U of H the enrollment services are the workgroup information system, the IT department would be the enterprise information system, and BlackBoard is an example of the interenterprise information system. Three work group information systems that would duplicate data would have to be the enrollment services, financial aid, and the counselors. The characteristics of the ones in figure 7-1 and the ones that I have named relate because each of these systems are used in one way or another within the school learning system like for example the department heads are the ones who are in charge to let the rest of the professors know what is happening in the department and also has a easier way of managing things around.

Q2: How I said in answer one that the work group information system can be the enrollment services, financial aid, and the counselors I see how information silos can be formed. The information that each of these departments can be isolated into separate categories that later can be meshed together and cause all the information to get doubled up and then cause a confusion within the system.

Q3: Figure 7-7 has a less complicated type of system that is likely to get doubled as for figure 7-8 you have all the system incorporated into one and that can lead to a miscommunication. If I were to implement one of these two systems I would go for the one in figure 7-7 just because it seems easier and less confusing to understand and use. I would let each system set up their own scheduling and all of their information so that way it would be a easier way to cross reference any type of information that you are searching for.

Q4: The information system that I propose is an application of ERP. An ERP is a system that is equipped with branches that are...
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