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With the Khan-Academy systematics, I feel that it is actually a tool that helps many others like myself who may be attending math classes in school. As a child in elementary school, the Internet program helped me start filling the “Swiss cheese” gaps Khan talked about. The “Swiss cheese” gaps, are the things people didn’t learn while they were in math classes, where the teacher simply did not go into great detail of explaining. The way the gaps began to be filled, was that it actually challenged me to a greater potential that I thought could not be achieved. In fact many others in my class treated the program as a game in a good way, as on the Internet program one wins a copious amount of prizes in which we used to brag to each other on. To win prizes they may consist of answering a specific amount of questions or becoming persistent at working with Khan-Academy. Something the program has definitely made up is the intolerable position in which unfit teachers put there students into. The math teachers usually do not help enough or teach only one way, and this is the full reason on why some student actually end up failing their classes. With Khan-Academy some how the student that ended up failing their math classes, now have grades like the visually impaired gifted ones, which also may show how poorly the teachers may have taught their students. Another good point Khan made happen to be the interactions that started to make place amongst the student of classes, in which the ones that did not understand the lessons could know get taught by other students that may have had a full understanding of whatever the problem or problems were. A way the Khan-Academy is assuring that the help that is given is accurate, is that within the program itself it has a way a keeping track who is excelling, and who may not be. Either way one may take the program, it benefits everyone in a various amount of ways and has been a major help in classes across America by helping student who...
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