Khalid Bin Walid

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1.Abu Solaiman Khalid Ibne Walid Al Makzumi shortly Khalid Bin Walid is one of the famous generals of all times. In the glorious history of Islam in particular, he holds a predominant position. Born in the year 583 AD in the Banu Makhzum branch of the Quraish, Khalid grew amidst marked affluence. His gifted character, notable family background, early military training and the contemporary scenario made him look a leader in the making even in his early age.

2.He eventually became a leader, both in the ranks of Muslims and Quraish. Ironically, this great general of Islam passed 47 of his 60 years lifetime as a non-Muslim and accepted Islam only 3 years before the death of the holly Prophet. Upon his acceptance of Islam this genius took no time to glorify the religion and the Prophet bestowed him with the title ‘Saifullah’, or ‘Sword of Allah’.

3.Khalid had never lost a battle except the battle of Khandak. He led dozens of expeditions and fought 34 major battles winning in each of those. His mastery in the contemporary warfare and vision of utmost precision made him look invincible even in the eyes of the enemy. He is one of those Generals of Islam who shaped the geography of early-Islamic world. Many maintain that, Khalid’s generalship in the battle of Yarmuk in particular, ensured a viable Islamic region in the Middle East, which holds well even today.

4.Khalid has set unique command and leadership precedence, which is worth studying in days to come. Any viable modern leadership theory can be related to that of Khalid. A thoroughly motivated commander, he was imbibed with values of professional competence, ethical standard, optimum determination and vision. By nature, he was intuitive and mostly played with his luck with positive outcome. He was flexible but decisive, prompt but precise and firm but passionate. An effort will be made in this presentation to study the leadership characteristics of Khalid Bin Walid. In that, reference will be made to his leadership approach in present day perspective while highlighting other dominant leadership qualities as we view at him in different battlefields.


5.The aim of this presentation is to analyze the style, actions and personal qualities of Great Captain Khalid Bin Walid as a military leader. Scope

6.The presentation will unfold in the following sequence:


b.Important Battles fought by Khalid.

c.One of the important battles fought by Khalid - Battle of Yarmuk.

c.Style of Leadership.

d.Professional Competence.

e.Lessons Learnt.

f.Question and Answer Session.


7.Birth and Early Life.Khalid was born in the year of 583 AD, in one of the noblest clans of the Qureish named Makhzums. His full name was Abu Solaiman Khalid Ibne Walid Al Makhzumi. His mother's name was Lobabatus Chogra Binte Harish and father's name was Walid Ibne Al-Makhjumi. During the period of "Ayyami Jaheliat" the clans of the Quraish were given different task of performing military job. Thus the Makhjums was responsible for cavalry and war administration. Khalid was brought up in such an environment where his father and uncles introduced him with the first lessons of art of warfare in his boyhood. Very soon Khalid learnt the art of horsemanship and swordsmanship, how to move fast in the desert, importance of enemy unawareness etc. Young Khalid learnt all those were being taught and soon his name as a hero became a topic of discussion among the Qureish. On attaining maturity Khalid's main interest became war and ambitions of victory.

8.Pre-Islamic Life.After revelation of Islam, for nearly 20 Years, Khalid kept himself away from the fold of Islam. Like his father he betrayed Islam in the early of his life and continued armed opposition to destroy the existence of Islam. Gentleman you have already seen, how his acumen in the battle of Ohud, caused defeat to the Muslims. In this battle he was fighting against...
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