Kfupm Parking Problems

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  • Published : May 19, 2011
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Most students at universities are facing many difficulties and one of these difficulties is parking problems. Parking space is one of the extremely important issues for all automobile users. It is even more important for universities students such as KFUPM students. They have a severe parking problem, which has developed recently along with the increased numbers of students being admitted and having cars. I choose this title as my term paper topic because it's a common issue at KFUPM, causes congestion while students are looking for parking lots and it's time wasted.

In the past, parking for cars was no problem at KFUPM. Nowadays, this has become a serious problem with fixing roads and lateness accidents. In my opinion, finding a parking space is the biggest problems that face students. Sometimes you see cars parked in no parking zone which causes congestion of people driving around looking for parking spaces which make it difficult to find one. Students claim that there is insufficient parking spaces which mean they have to wait 5 or more minutes before they find a parking lot. They have to park very far from their relevant buildings where they have classes. These 5 or more minutes are enough to decide whether a student is recorded late or on time for class. Also they are forced to park in no parking zone to avoid being late for class and taking the risk of having to pay parking violation fines.

As an example, one day I came late to the university and I spent 20 minutes driving around looking for a car parking space and it was difficult to find one because there were few cars parked in no parking zone. When I finally found a space which was near building 54 and my class was in building 19. I figured that I wasted my time and I was late for the lecture.
In general, parking problem remains as a concern to most of the users who use the various parking lots. Sometimes students are parking far away from their respective buildings...
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