KFC's Explosive Growth in China

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  • Published : January 12, 2013
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Kentucky fried Chicken (KFC) has achieved another milestone in delivery. The explosive growth in Asian region most particularly in their current trends in China that KFC fried chicken, burger and fries is gaining its way to superstardom. In China, Yum! Brands is opening a KFC store every day. But this is not the KFC you know in America. A recent case study written by professor David Bell and Agribusiness Program director Mary Shelman reveals how the chicken giant adapted its famous fast-food formula for the local market. Key concepts include: - In China, KFC's strategy was to be part of the local community, not be seen as a foreign presence. (Su, 2011) - China division chairman and CEO Sam Su combined the best ideas from the US fast-food model and adapted them to serve the needs of the Chinese consumer. - Only a small number of menu items would be familiar to Western visitors—the Chinese KFC offerings include fried dough sticks, egg tarts, and foods tailored to the tastes of specific regions within the country. - To counter concerns about fast food and obesity, Su offered a healthier menu and supports exercise and youth events. The traditional strategy is the involvement of their culture has largely influence the family ties to consider their food. According to Bell (2011) one key issue the case examines is "how to implement the rollout of a fast-food chain involving so many stores across such a vast—and regionally different—country.” (Stravish, 2011) When their customers walked into their restaurant they see Chinese customer service. Chinese food and Chinese employees welcome customers and that’s why it becomes easy for them to initiate interaction. Su's strategy was that KFC "would not be seen as a foreign presence but as part of the local community “There is no room for ego,” (Su, 2011) "China doesn't have the same culture of individualism that is present in the United States." (Su, 2011) Along with being smart, driven and great entrepreneur, Su hired the...
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