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Kentucky Fried Chicken

Jessica Kostman
Michael Janes
January 25, 2011

Historical Background:

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) was established in 1939. The restaurant has a staff of approximately 20 to 40 people. The Sterling location started out as just KFC and now they have emerged into KFC/Long John Silver’s.

KFC in Sterling is owned by the Weaver Enterprise, one of the owner’s is Jerry Weaver. The Weaver’s own many different KFC’s from Sterling, Princeton, Dixon, Dekalb and many more. KFC in Sterling is one of the more popular places to eat in town, since there is a LJS also.


KFC has been one of the leading restaurants in Sterling IL for over 73 years. Many people love KFC they choose chicken over many others such as McDonald’s or Wendy’s. KFC has been around since 1952 when it was founded by Harland Sanders. A very catchy slogan for this business is “Finger Lickin Good”.


“Provide customers with quality food, excellent service and cleanliness.”


“KFC will be the number one choice for Original Chicken.” KFC has a history of serving delicious types of chicken and many other items. We are the number one leading restaurant on holidays such as Mother’s Day.


KFC ‘s goal is to be one of the best in its location in having the best prices, team work and having business partnership’s.


*Reduce costs: Keep up with other businesses and have the lowest cost. *Raise barriers to entrants: Create a product that would be hard for the competition to match. *Establish high switching costs: Keep the customer wanting more by giving them excellent service. *Create new products or services: Come up with new products that are not offered by any other business, such as the doubledown. *Differentiate products or services: Advertise new products that customers will like, such as the big box dinner. *Enhance products or services: Add great customer...
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